Land ballot project

I was awarded the 2018 John Oxley Library Fellowship, which is a prestigious State Library of Queensland award –

The historical research project is titled: The story of Queensland’s selectors. How those who won land in a ballot contributed to Queensland’s social, economic and political development.

The aim is to fill a knowledge gap in Queensland’s history and complement the history of pioneers, squatters and land development.

For an introduction to land ballots see the first of three SLQ  blogs at:

In August 2018 I conducted 27 interviews with people who received land in ballots, their descendants or key informants. The focus is on recent land development schemes in order to hear directly from those who were successful in ballots.

My work locating land records at the Queensland State Archives continues. With every visit I find ‘gold’. Also continuing is the delving into the vast State Library of Queensland holdings.

In February 2019 I had the pleasure of presenting to the Local Studies Group who attended the State Library for the first of their meetings of the year.

See  for an informal approach.

This is the link to blog 2 which is about the Brigalow scheme:

As the year closes I will be giving my public lecture at the State Library – 8th August 2019

Here I will tell the story of land ballots.  Link for booking is