Past projects

Reports/publications and further information available on request.

Project nameDescription
Physician in Practice Clinic: Is this innovative program effective? Evaluation of a medical specialist outreach program.By invitation we evaluated a novel approach to delivering specialist endocrinology services in a regional community. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with General Practitioners, Administrators and the endocrinologist, which were audio-recorded and transcribed, then thematically analysed. A sample of patients of the service completed a postal questionnaire. Based on this independent evaluation similar specialist outreach services were developed. Learn more
Innovative work: Cotton workforce development for sustained competitive advantage.I was the primary researcher on a project which aimed to assist the Australian cotton industry to take a sustainable approach to their workforce. Stage 1 involved three case studies (Emerald, Gwydir, Riverina) consisting of semi-structured interviews and an online survey with interview follow-up with survey responses rates from 40-75%, and Census workforce related data. Stages 2 and 3 involved engaging the industry at the regional and national levels. One aspect of this was organising a half-day information session with presenters from training and workforce development in agriculture, including cotton growers, in the Riverina, held at Griffith, NSW. There was a record attendance by farmers at the information session. Learn more

Research Skills WorkshopsThis interactive, skills-based workshop targeted medical students and rural health professions with the goal of providing an understanding of research methods and practising some basic research skills. Eight workshops were provided over 2 years in regional Queensland, including a rural doctor’s pre-conference workshop. Learn more

Warwick Disability project: Needs analysis for people with a disability in the Warwick District. I worked with the Warwick and District Disability Group Inc to identify their aim, wrote the grant application in close collaboration then conducted the project. The research design consisted of a structured questionnaire completed by carers and some people with a disability and a sample of people (carers and key stakeholders) was interviewed to detail these needs. A disability resource directory was also completed. Therefore the existing services were contrasted with the unmet needs, in the voices of those with the unmet need. The aim of the group was to use this report to lobby for increased services, and within two years they had achieved this goal. Learn more

Felton Valley studyI initiated this project to investigate the anticipated impacts of the proposed large open-cut mine in the Felton Valley. This involved conducting semi-structured interviews with individuals from 10 community sectors which were then thematically analysed. Learn more

Quality of Life studyI ran the first two years of this 3-year NHMRC funded project. This involved writing ethics applications for 16 hospitals, recruiting medical practitioners, interviewing patients and carers on a monthly basis until the patients' end of life.
Monitoring the impact of mining on local communities. A Hunter Valley case study.I was the Research Officer for this ACARP funded project. It involved semi-structured interviews with members of the community and a one day workshop with community members and the mine.

Past project titles:

  • Longitudinal assessment of the cotton industry’s people investments.
  • Evaluation framework, Domestic and Family Violence court trial.
  • Evaluation framework, Work Package 36, Stronger Families Reform Program.
  • Pit Stop at FarmFest 2010. Evaluation: Is Pit Stop Effective?
  • Land ballot project. The story of Queensland’s selectors. How those who won land in a ballot contributed to Queensland’s social, economic and political development.
  • An investigation into the anticipated impacts of mining proposed in the Clarence-Moreton Basin communities. The Felton project.
  • Engagement Protocol. How to approach people in the Gulf if their assistance is needed.
  • Evaluation of the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, Community Partnership Program.
  • Socio-economic profile of Cannon and Knapps Creeks residents.
  • Community perceptions of appropriate skin protection behaviour and non-compliance with cancer prevention messages.
  • A Diffusion Trial for Antenatal Smoking Cessation Programs in Hospitals.
  • Smoking Cessation Program for Men: Partners of Pregnant Women Project.
  • Evaluating Police Service Delivery in the Southern Gold Coast Area.
  • Generation next? Traditions and transitions in farming careers for sustainable farming in the context of water and climate challenges.
  • Monitoring the impact of coal mining on local communities.
  • Primary Industry Workforce development research-strategy for policy and practice.
  • Telemedicine study: investigate the use and usefulness of telemedicine in Australia.