The first challenge in conducting research and evaluation is knowing precisely what you want to know! Jennifer is a master at helping you work this out. A free short consultation may help you here.


Key services
Jennifer has substantial experience in each of the services listed.

• Project development, design and management.
• Measurement, analysis and reporting.
• Stakeholder engagement; ethics.

Past experience has demonstrated the benefits of close engagement with a client during the project development phase. This contributes to the client having a clear understanding of what they want and then ultimately having that delivered. Some clients take the opportunity to have staff work in the project. This has budgetary and some upskilling benefits.
Methods and approach for data collection
Using her theoretical knowledge and practice from past projects Jennifer can identity the appropriate single or combination of methods to answer your research/evaluation question.

All of the following methods have been used effectively, and variations on these methods would be considered. The base social science methods are:

• interviews (structured; semi-structured)
• focus groups/group interviews
• questionnaire (online; postal; interviewer administered)
• participant observation

The standard brief and concise consultant report is an option, or a more detailed and scholarly approach, depending on need. A presentation to the client and/or any stakeholder group, and workshopping the recommendations is also an option.

Additional services
In addition to conducting research and evaluation Jennifer offers:

•individual tutoring/training in research
•grant writing and reviewing
•guest speaker
•research/evaluation skills workshops

If/when required other expertise will be brought in.